Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paralysis by Analysis

Paralysis by Analysis

   I'd like to start this post with something I believe to be a huge issue in America today, "Paralysis by Analysis". This is when you research and research a subject so much, in so many different formats, from so many different sources that you end up so confused as to what you should do that you end up doing nothing. Its the same as going out to eat and the menu is so big that you have no idea what to order, however if you were to go to In-N-Out Burger where the menu is limited to like six items you make your choice very easily. I was at this point a few years ago in my search for the proper way we should be fueling the "Human Machine", so many different ways to eat, "Organic", "Raw", "Vegan", "Vegetarian", blah blah blah, ad infinitum ! then I found the "Paleolithic" diet, and from a Survival/Natural Living point of view, its really a lifestyle and way of eating and not a "fad Diet". Now I am not saying this is the end all be all for all but I feel its the closest as we may get in this Modern World, but I will get into the Paleo thing in later posts, The Point of this post, for me, is to help you all find the right path, call me the "Pathfinder" if you will, to get you to the point of making the healthiest overall decision for the wellbeing of you and your loved ones. That's a short primer to a very overlooked syndrome in not only this industry, but in American Culture period.

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