Fat is not to blame for gaining "adipose tissue" otherwise known as body fat. Our modern american diet has slowly declined in fat intake yet we have the highest rates of obesity in the world. What is to blame is our sugar intake, which is about 160 pounds of sugar per year per capita, up from only 12 pounds per year per capita only 75 years ago. When we eat all this sugar it raises our blood sugar which in turn raises our blood insulin levels, Insulin shuttles all the spare sugar and free fatty acids into fat cells, thus increasing our fat storage. Insulin is the "gate keeper to fat storage, when its elevated, you will store fat, when its low you will release and burn fat, the way to do this is to remove all sugar and simple carbs from your diet. Obviously this subject is way more intricate than this, please review the " FAT LOSS" Tab at top to learn more about how to REALLY lose the fat for good !!!


    AAAHHHH !!! I think if I hear this again I will flip my s@#!. Typically this is what someone says when they have nothing else to say to back up their argument about anything Fitness or Nutrition related.
    If everyone were Biologically different, some of us would have three legs, one eye or two heads, and every time a surgeon had to cut someone open, all of the internal organs would be arranged differently than the person they operated on before, they would have no clue how anyones body worked until they cut you open. Lets take intermittent fasting for instance, people ask if it works for fat loss, I say yes, very well in fact, and they say well "does it work for everyone?", I say " if they are healthy and free of diabetes etc., then yes, all of our hormones react in similar fashion to each other, only levels of intensity of the change is varied, some get greater fat loss than others, but it still works!" and they say, " well everyone is different", this is not true, biologically, we are all Humans, therefore our hormones all work roughly in the same manner, now, what IS DIFFERENT is peoples mind, their attitudes, their paradigm. Someone may say "well it didn't work for me, everybody is different", what they really mean is , "I didn't like being able to eat only once a day, didn't work for my schedule " etc. All I am trying to say is STOP SAYING EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT ! , just say you don't like it, or it didn't work with your lifestyle or something, Just know that Biologically we are all the same in the way our body is built (in general, everyone has different eye color, thats not what I'm talking about) and the way our hormones respond. If we were all different and we were all placed into a concentration camp, where we were all starved, there wouldn't be people getting fat while others lost weight and became emaciated, no, EVERYONE would lose weight due to the way ALL of our hormones work, THE SAME.


    I hear this one often, that you must become sore after lifting weights, it is a sign that you triggered growth. This is COMPLETELY false. This comes from the old school of thought that you need to "tear the muscle fiber to build it bigger". this is bad science. think about it, lets say you had a cinder block wall around your house, its 5 feet tall, you want it to be 7 feet tall, would you go out with a sledgehammer and knock off the top foot, then add 3 more feet ? or would you go out, take mortar, cinderblocks (building materials) and just build 2 more feet up ? this is the same with muscle growth. soreness is a sign that you over did it and your body looks at this damage to the fibers as a trauma, it responds with the immune system and if the damage is to great you use up your recovery capacity and may regress your gains, and could cause "Rhabdomyolysis", this is a breakdown of the muscle "myoglobin" that gets into the bloodstream and can cause kidney damage, this happens to Crossfitters all the time, also the Military. Muscle "tearing" is not needed for growth, just like the wall, you "stimulate" growth with the proper tension, triggering anabolic hormones with lactic acid burn and other factors that signal your body that it needs to ADD to the Sarcomeres (smallest contractile unit in a muscle) so that next time you lift you are better able to handle the weight. No soreness needed. Look at soreness in the same way you would a sunburn, or a blister. Our body has a "stress adaptation" curve called the General Adaptation Syndrome or "GAS" for short, if you were pasty white and went to the tanning bed for the first time, you wouldn't stay in there for 30 min, get burnt, then have to wait a week or two, then go back for 30min again., no, you would go for 5 min, every other day, slowly building up the intensity, giving the skin time to adapt and make you tan. same with blisters, if you had to dig a huge 10 foot hole in your yard you wouldn't try to do it all in one day, non stop, you would work the skin on your hands so much that you would have blisters and then have to take a week off before you could continue, or, you could go out, shovel 2 feet per day everyday and your hands would have time to adapt to the stress by thickening your skin, called calluses ! Now apply this to building muscle and you have a winning program ! NO SORENESS NEEDED ! SORENESS IS NOT PROGRESS !


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