Thursday, April 19, 2012


  Mother Nature, she is wonderful, beautiful, but she could not foresee our future. There is a natural reason behind why we gain body fat so easily, and why we all sit down to "rest" every chance we get.           
  She created us to SURVIVE. Anyone who knows anything about survival will tell you that it is all about conserving calories, taking it easy as to not burn off more energy than we get from "Hunting and Gathering", She created us to handle times of famine and to be efficient when we needed it. In a survival situation you never want to expend more calories than you would gain once you could take a game animal or find roughage to refuel, you want the most "bang for you buck". She also created our brains and other organs and muscles to run off of glucose (blood sugar) or Ketone Bodies, this instinct to feed our brains drives us to find food, especially SWEET food. Living in this modern age of Carbohydrate "plenty",  this drive causes us to crave carbs and sugar non stop, and because our brain is greedy, it tells our fat cells to store any excess glucose, and the liver stores extra glucose as well for times of famine, but because we eat so much sugar nowadays, our insulin is always slightly elevated, known as "insulin resistance". So once the brain uses the glucose in the blood, having this elevated insulin tells your liver and fat cells to hold on to the excess glucose they have stored and instead makes you hungry so you go eat more sugar and this process repeats. It is a huge vicious cycle of eating and storing and weight gain. The other aspect that compounds this situation is the fact that we are driven by our instinct to conserve energy and relax at every opportunity, further causing storage of excess energy intake. So, to sum this up and adhering to the "KISS" principle; 1: Be more active, stand longer, walk more, exercise more, yada yada yada.
2: Reduce your Sugar intake, if possible cut out ALL added sugar and soda and all simple Carbs like potatoes and Bread.....ALL BREAD, (I know most of you will never give up bread, at least reduce your consumption could help). 

  This is a highly simplified explanation and suggestions to help you get started on your path to health and fitness. Please if you have ANY questions,just comment and I will respond !! Thanks for reading !!

                                                                                       STAY STRONG !!

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